State of Rhode Island Grant Funding Opportunities

The State of Rhode Island Grants Management Office hosts a current listing of state agency grant programs, called funding opportunities.  Community partners across Rhode Island, including municipalities, non-profits and others, are encouraged to check below for new grant and subaward funding opportunities! 

In accordance with 220-RICR-20-00-02 Rules and Regulations for Grant-Making Involving Federal Funds, each funding opportunity includes details on eligibility, application deadlines, and how grant funds may be used.

To Apply: Eligible applicants can apply to programs directly, via the links below. New users will be asked to create an eCivis account in the eCivis Portal

If you are selected for an award, you will need to complete the following steps.  These steps are NOT required to apply, but are necessary to receive grant funds. 

  • Obtain a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI), available at for no cost.  If your entity is registered in, you have likely already been assigned a UEI.  This is a one-time requirement. UEI Fact Sheet
  • Register in Ocean State Procures (OSP) on the website by clicking here for no cost.  If your entity has done business with the state in the past, you are likely already registered.  This is a one-time requirement.
  • Complete/update your GMS Organization Registration, including a self-risk assessment.  This is an annual requirement.
  • Applications must be submitted by the Application End Date, located in the Overview Tab.  You can save and return to an application until the deadline.  
  • Check the Eligibility Tab for any restrictions.
  • You can find required attachments and application questions/answers in the Files Tab, if applicable.
  • No other members of your organization can access your application.  If awarded, you can invite other members of your entity to join the subrecipient workspace.
  • New and returning users should login at the eCivis Portal well in advance of an application deadline.

A 3rd party consultant cannot apply to the same program on behalf of multiple entities using the same eCivis Portal account/email address.  The options for entities using consultants to assist with grant applications are:

  1. The consultant creates eCivis account to view application forms directly.  Consultant provides content to applicant.  Applicant fills out application in eCivis Portal.  Recommended because applicant will be able to directly review/accept the subaward, if selected for funding.
  2. Applicant creates an eCivis Portal account (including email) for temporary use by consultant.  Consultant completes application.  If selected for award, account is transitioned back to applicant.  
  3. The consultant creates an eCivis account, completes and submits the application.  If selected for funding, the consultant would go through the award review/acceptance process, including upload of documents signed by the applicant’s Authorized Representative.  Once awarded, the consultant adds the applicant to the project team.  Note: This is not an option if the consultant is applying to the same program on behalf of different entities.



Current Funding Opportunities are Listed Below by State Agency and Division