UEI Renewal Process Guidance

Improved Registration Work Flow Coming to SAM.gov on May 26, 2023

Beginning on May 26, 2023 - there will be improvements to the start of the SAM.gov Registration workflow. For more information on this topic from the GSA, click the link here

Important Information for State Agencies with Unique Entity Identifiers (UEI)

State Agencies are reporting significant issues and delays with their Unique Entity ID annual registration renewals through SAM.gov, a federal website managed by the General Services Administration (GSA).

There is a new validation process for entity renewals that requires agencies to provide documents for verification even if NO changes are being made to the existing registration.  The new process may lead to delays in the renewal of the UEI.  If a UEI goes into “inactive” status, there may be implications for active awards (e.g. the ability to drawdown) on that UEI and/or an impact on the ability to apply for new awards using that UEI.   


Video Training: How to obtain a Unique Entity ID (UEI) from SAM.gov

Recommendations for Agency’s Beginning the UEI Renewal Process: 

  1. Start the Renewal Process Early:  The Grants Management Office recommends beginning the SAM.gov renewal as early as possible.  Ideally, we recommend beginning two months in advance of the UEI registration expiration date listed in SAM.gov  

  1. Gather Key Documents: UEI verification may require documents which include the origination of your agency or the official name of your division/office.  We would recommend making a PDF copy of RIGL related to your agency or division/office as backup documentation of its existence with the State of Rhode Island government structure.  

  1. Use Federal Service Desk (FSD):  Specific questions related to documents and your renewal must be directed to the GSA via the Federal Service Desk (FSD).  Very important:  Keep Federal Service Desk (FSD) tickets open. The FSD has a very quick turnaround on closing support tickets if they do not receive a response. Stay on top of any FSD queries you have opened by responding “still in process” to the ticket to keep it active and open until you have confirmed your registration is approved. When corresponding with the FSD be sure to check your email SPAM folder.  We have received multiple reports that FSD responses end up in SPAM   

  1. “DBA” Name Not Recommended:  We advise against using a “Doing Business As (DBA)” as part of your registration.  If you have an office or division under a state agency, use the “Division Name” field in the UEI renewal process.  This field becomes available in the “Business Information” section of the renewal after you verify the address/legal business name of your agency.  For example, in the Department of Health the legal business name should be the official agency name and address of the agency.  Then once that is verified, add the division or office into the Division Name field in the Business Information section of the renewal.  

  1. CAGE Code:  Be aware that an update to the Legal Business Name or address on your SAM.gov registration will likely create a disconnect with the information in the CAGE system.  The CAGE system information will also need to be updated to reflect the change(s) made in SAM.gov. 

What is the Grant Management Office doing to help?

  1. We provided two guidance sessions for state agencies with active UEIs on how to effectively prepare for the new UEI renewal process, on 10/26/22 and 11/01/22, to which all State agencies with UEIs in SAM.gov were invited. Slide deck from the session is available here:
  2. We have alerted both the GSA and federal OMB & HHS to the challenges faced by state agencies during the new renewal process.  Active discussions are ongoing related to improvements.
  3. Network with other States on the issue as this is a nationwide problem.  We are actively discussing and sharing info regarding UEI renewal issues with our counterparts in Ohio & Wisconsin among others. 

Contact Us:

If you have questions, concerns or updates related to the renewal process please reach out to our office by email: doa.grants@doa.ri.gov