About Us

The primary mission of the Office of Accounts and Control is to promote the financial integrity and accountability of state government through sound administrative and accounting controls and procedures.

The major activities of this office include the administration of a comprehensive accounting and recording system which classifies transactions of the departments and agencies in accordance with the budget plan; the maintenance of control accounts of assets for all departments and agencies; the operation of financial, accounting and cost systems for all departments and agencies; the preaudit of all state expenditures; the approval of vouchers drawn on the General Treasurer; and the preparation of financial statements required by departments and agencies, the Governor or the General Assembly.

This office is also responsible for the preparation and/or coordination of several publications, including the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report, Condensed State Financial Report, State Payroll Manual, Procedural Handbook of the Department of Administration, and the Consolidated Statewide Cost Allocation Plan.

Department of Administration

Office of Accounts and Control

State Controller: Dorothy Pascale