Claims Overview

Claim Filing Information

The state of Rhode Island is a self-insured public entity. The Department of Administration Risk Management program provides liability and restoration insurance coverage through the self-insurance program. This program:

  • Investigates, evaluates and resolves claims.
  • Determines if damage is due to state activity.
  • Pays only reasonable costs.
  • Encourages the following evidence be provided with claim:
    • Photos
    • Diagrams
    • Reports
    • Estimates of property replacement (generally 2 required)
    • Witness information

Claim Filing

Notice of a claim is a statement that a claim for damages is or will be asserted against the public body or an officer, employee or agent of the state in any written form. It must include a description of the time, place and circumstances describing the claim. The name of the claimant with a current mailing address for correspondence must also be included. The following links and forms are available for your use to file a claim against the state:

  • File a claim against when vehicle is involved. (TPA INSTRUCTIONS)
  • To file a non-motor vehicle related claim. (TPA INSTRUCTIONS)
  • For state agency use only:
    • File a claim for damage to state property.
  • Frequently Asked Claim-Related Questions

Claim FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding filing a claim and the processing of a claim.