Risk Management

Driving On State Business

  • Driving Overview
  • Vehicle Use Access Toolkit (Coming Soon)
  • Report State Driver or Vehicle (Coming Soon)
  • Crash Reporting (State Vehicles) (Coming Soon)
  • Travel Resources (Coming Soon)


File a Claim Against the State

  • Claims Overview
  • Claims FAQ (Coming Soon)
  • Tort(liability) Claim Non-Auto (Coming Soon)
  • Tort(liability) Claim Auto-Accident (Coming Soon)
  • State-Owned Property Loss (Coming Soon)

State Agency Risk Report (Coming Soon)

  • Risk Report Overview
  • Definitions
  • Exposure Questions
  • Property Questions
  • Building Cost Index
  • Risk Report
  • Valuable Items

State Insurance Coverage (Coming Soon)

  • Insurance Overview
  • Request a Certificate of Coverage
  • Self-Insurance Coverage
  • Commercial Insurance Coverage
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Bond Types
  • Request COI or Self Insured Letter from State

For questions or inquiries, please contact Jonathan Rodriguez at Jonathan.Rodriguez@doa.ri.gov.