Resources for State Agencies

eCivis is Rhode Island’s enterprise grants management solution for state agencies. Below are detailed user guides and tutorial videos to assist state staff with utilizing eCivis to its full capacity, and meeting the requirements of 220-RICR-20-00-02 Rules and Regulations for Grant-Making Involving Federal Funds

Additional resources are available when you are logged into eCivis.  For eCivis resources, click the teal and purple circle at the bottom right of the eCivis screen. For Rhode Island specific information, navigate to Grant Management > Organization Documents.


The following documents can be located in the eCivis Grants Network. Log into your GMS account and select Grant Management > Organization Documents.

Subaward Agreement Template 

Subaward Agreement User Guide

Subaward Appendix I

Addendum A (General Insurance Requirements)

These documents are also available on request from the Grants Management Office. Please submit a request at

eCivis Training Videos


Searching for a Grant in eCivis                  Entering a Grant Amendment in eCivis

Edit your Project Team in eCivis                Creating Search Agents in eCivis

Creating a new Project in eCivis                 Adding Org Funding to eCivis

Adding an Awarded Grant in eCivis     Adding Federal Funds to a Solicitation

Approval Tab of the Solicitation             Creating & Editing Approval Groups

Add Non-Federal Funds to a Solicitation   Add/Assign Reviewers in GMS

Completing a Review in eCivis Portal