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Paystub RI Communications

FY 2022
Subject Date Format

FY 2021
Subject Date Format

FY 2020
Subject Date Format
Paystub RI Enhancements03-12-20
Rewards for Wellness-Virgin Pulse03-05-20
2019 W2 Overview01-15-20
SRI R@W and Payroll Effective Date Calendar for 202011-15-19
ERSRI Member Survey Announcement08-09-19
Retirement at Work07-12-19

FY 2019
Subject Date Format
WC Third-Party Administrator Letter04-05-19
2018 W2 Overview01-25-19
Retirement at Work08-10-18
Retroactive Wage Increases Memo08-10-18
Current Care07-27-18
Employee Assistance Program Flyer07-13-18
EAP Suicide Prevention07-13-18

FY 2018
Subject Date Format
Wage and Benefit Information Memo06-29-18
Retirement at Work06-29-18
Minute Clinic Flyer06-01-18
Rewards for Wellness Calendar 2017-201805-18-18
Rewards for Wellness - Last Chance Health Fair Flyer 201804-20-18
Rewards for Wellness - Revised Health Fair Schedule 201804-20-18
Retirement@Work Flyer04-06-18
Financial Wellness Workshops Series Flyer 201803-23-18
ALEX on Financial Wellness Flyer03-23-18
Retirement@Work Flyer03-23-18
Rewards for Wellness - BP & BMI 201803-09-18
Rewards for Wellness - Health Fair Flyer 201802-23-18
Rewards for Wellness - Health Fair Schedule 201802-23-18
Rewards for Wellness - Rally 201802-09-18
2017 W2 Overview01-26-18
Rewards for Wellness - Dental Cleaning Exam 201801-26-18
Rewards for Wellness - Annual Preventive Exam 201801-12-18
2018-2019 Rewards for Wellness Calendar12-29-17
Wellness Actvities Last Chance Flyer12-01-17
Open Enrollment Fairs November 2017 (Schedule Flyer)10-20-17
ALEX Flyer10-20-17
Benefits Open Enrollment Flyer 2018 Plan Year10-20-17
Open Enrollment Fairs November 201710-06-17
Rewards for Wellness - myHealthcare Cost Estimator09-22-17
Rewards for Wellness - Health Screening Activities Flyer08-25-17
Rewards for Wellness - Health Fair Schedule 201708-11-17
Rewards for Wellness - Health Fair Flyer 201708-11-17
Rewards for Wellness - RALLY Activities07-28-17
Rewards for Wellness - Benefits 101 Podcast07-14-17

FY 2017
Subject Date Format
Rewards for Wellness Annual Preventive Exam06-30-17
2017-2018 Rewards for Wellness Program06-16-17
Telemental Health - Behavioral Health Care Flyer06-02-17
QPR Training Flyer05-19-17
Choosing Wisely Opioids Flyer05-05-17
Lets Quit Flyer04-21-17
Employee Assistance Program Flyer03-24-17
UnitedHealthcare Allies Discount Flyer03-10-17
What is CC4Me Brochure02-24-17
Virtual Visits02-10-17
2016 1095-C Flyer and Frequently Asked Questions01-27-17
2016 W2 Overview01-24-17
2017 RI Withholding Booklet01-15-17
2017 Federal Withholding Tables01-15-17
Rewards for Wellness - Rally Mission Flyer12-30-16
Diabetes Prevention Program Flyer12-02-16
Rewards for Wellness - Last Chance Annual Preventive Exam Flyer11-15-16
Benefits Open Enrollment Flyer 2017 Plan Year11-04-16
HSA Flyer10-21-16
Rewards for Wellness - Health Fair Last Chance Flyer10-07-16
Rewards for Wellness - Cost Estimator09-23-16
CurrentCare Flyer09-06-16
Rewards for Wellness - Employee Health Fairs 201608-26-16
Rewards for Wellness - BMI and Blood Pressure Flyer08-26-16
Rewards for Wellness - Annual Preventive Exam Flyer08-12-16
Rewards for Wellness - How to Rally Online Tutorial and Rally Health Survey07-15-16

FY 2016
Subject Date Format
2016-2017 Rewards for Wellness Calendar07-01-16
Benefits Open Enrollment Flyer May 201605-06-16
CHIP Notice04-08-16
Rewards for Wellness Notice - Physical Activity Incentive Flyer03-25-16
2016 Online Nutrition Tracker Last Chance Flyer02-26-16
W2 Overview01-29-16
Rewards for Wellness Notice - Online Nutrition Tracker Flyer01-29-16
1095-C Flyer and Frequently Asked Questions01-15-16
2016 RI Withholding Booklet01-15-16
2016 Federal Withholding Tables01-15-16
Rewards for Wellness Notice - New Year's Resolution Flyer12-31-15
Rewards for Wellness Notice - Online Health Assessment 201512-18-15
Notice of Right to be Free from Discrimination12-04-15
REMINDER Open Enrollment Flyer November 201511-20-15
Rewards for Wellness Notice - Employee Health Fairs10-23-15
Benefits Open Enrollment for New Alternative Medical Plan10-23-15
June 13 2014 Dept of Administration Letter to Employees Re- Wage and Benefit Information10-23-15
Rewards for Wellness Notice - myHealthcare Cost Estimator Flyer09-25-15
Financial Empowerment Fair Flyer09-11-15
2015-2016 Rewards for Wellness Calendar09-11-15

FY 2015
Subject Date Format
Benefits Open Enrollment Notice05-08-15
CHIP Notice04-24-15
Rewards for Wellness Notice - Physical Activity Challenge 201503-27-15
Rewards for Wellness Notice - Blood Pressure Flyer 201502-27-15
Rewards for Wellness Notice - Health Assessment02-13-15
W2 Overview02-02-15
Employee Memo Supplemental Insurance Pay Stub Changes01-16-15
Rewards for Wellness Notice - Soothing Stress Tutorial01-16-15
2015 Federal Withholding Tables01-02-15
2015 RI Withholding Booklet01-02-15
Rewards for Wellness Notice12-19-14
Open Enrollment Notice11-21-14
Dept of Administration Letter to Employees Re: Wage and Benefit Information06-13-14
Paystub RI Notice - Last Paper Advice09-26-14
Paystub RI Announcement08-15-14
Paystub RI Quick Start Guide08-28-14
How to Register Cheat Sheet09-12-14