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Subject Date Format
SOC Checklist06-27-2019
SOC Training for New CFO's6-27-2019
Key Contacts List for Agency CFOs02-13-2019
A Guide to Internal Controls06-15-2017
Training for New CFOs and Key Financial Personnel04-23-2018
W2 Overview01-26-2016
State of RI PaymentNet4 Cardholder Readiness08-26-2013
RI Cash Resources Report - Federal Explained05-14-2018
Unlocking the Mysteries of Accrual Accounting05-14-2018
Special Considerations at Fiscal Year End05-14-2018
Liability & Escrow Accounts and Related Controls05-14-2018
Expenditure Recognition in Governmental Funds05-12-2017
Revenue Recognition and Cash Receipts Cut Off05-12-2017
Accrual for Payroll Costs at Year End05-12-2017
Treasury Offset Program Info Sheet05-14-2018
RIFANS General Ledger Manual10-31-2016
Backup Documentation Requirements for Journal Entries in RI-FANS08-17-2017
Discoverer Financial Training Guide - February 201602-22-2016
Discoverer Payroll Training Guide - February 201602-22-2016
Centralized Batch Import Process05-02-2014
RIFANS Working Efficiently in Accounts Payable04-10-2014
Oracle Version 12 Accounts Payable Manual Revised05-06-2014
Instructions to Run the Supplier Location Report11-28-2016
Supplier Portal Training Material09-29-2014
Instructions to Print RIFANS Supplier Portal Invoices07-30-2014
RIFANS Expenditure Naturals 01-29-2018
Div of Purchases - Creating Requisitions Guide10-23-2017
Sub-Recipient vs Contractor Determinations04-28-2016
Div of Purchases - RIFANS Instruction Manual04-20-2016


Subject Date Format
Approving and Rejecting Journal Entries in RI-FANS09-01-2017
iSupplier Invoice Tutorial04-21-2016
Account Inquiries in RIFANS02-10-2016
Journal Inquiries in RIFANS02-10-2016
How to Attach a Short Text or Computer File to a JE02-10-2016
Autocopying a Journal Entry02-10-2016
Running a Financial Report in RIFANS02-10-2016
Journal Entry Initiation Tutorial06-17-2015
Structure of Account Numbers in RIFANS06-17-2015
Vacation Rules Tutorial06-17-2015