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Policies and Procedures

Subject Format
Restricted Accounts Training Manual
Purchases Business Processes Revised 1-23-14
Payroll Policy P-5 Direct Deposit 9-30-14
Payroll Policy P-4 Retirement Code Procedure 2-17-10
RIPTA Payment Schedule 2014-2015
RIPTA Payment Schedule 2015-2016
Payroll Policy P-3-15 RIPTA Transit Pass Revised 1-15-16
Payroll Policy P-3 Deferred Compensation Plan Updated 12-04-06
E-17 Bond Fund Expenditures
A-68 Emergency Food Purchases (State Closure) 02-01-15
A-67 EZ-Pass for State Use Policy 12-1-14
A-67A RITBA E-Z Pass Business Application
A-67B State-Additional Business Transponder Request Form
A-66 Pollution Remediation Obligations 4-2-14
A-65 Impairment of Capital Assets 03-18-16
A-64 Liability & Escrow Acccounts and Related Controls 03-18-16
A-62 Expenditure Recognition and Accounts Payable Cut-Off
A-61 Cash Receipts Cut-Off and Revenue Recognition
A-60 RIFANS Delegation Form
A-60 RIFANS Delegation
A-59 Moving-Relocation Expenses 8-1-13 Revised
A-56 Restricted Account Indirect Cost Recovery
A-54 Personal Usage for State Telecommunication Device-Svc Revised Nov 1 2011
A-53 Purchase Cards
A-52A Incident Report 10-6-14
A-52 Incident Report Policy - 10-6-14
A-51 Employer Provided Vehicles revised Oct 2014
A-51A State Fleet Rules & Regulations
A-49 Statement Claim Form Affidavit for Property Loss or Damage 11-1-13
A-49 Payment of Claims Policy Revision 11-1-13
A-46 In-State Travel Effective 6-1-10
A-44 Bank Depository Accounts
A-38 Prompt Payment Procedure
A-36 Payments for Refreshments Lunches Dinners etc Revised 5-1-16
A-26 Fiscal Year-End Payroll Accrual 1-23-14
A-22 Out of State Travel Policy Revised 12-1-11
A-20 Internal Service Funds
A-19 Repairs to Insured State Property 10-27-10
A-15 Imprest Cash 1-30-13
A-10 Accounting for Interagency Cooperative Agreements
A-6 Appointment of Authorized Agents Revised 12-1-14